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Kabbalah Tree of Life - English version

Order n°: 10029 - Kabbalah TREE OF LIFE (Unweighted)

The Kabbalah TREE OF LIFE Sephiroth Set consists of 12 forks. There is one fork for each of the 10 sephirah in the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The 11th fork is the invisible non-sephirah Da'ath - 1554 Hz. The 12th fork is the Lightening Flash, the Pathway of All Life made manifest, and All manifested Life reunited with Light - 531 Hz, also known as the Genesis Tuning Fork.

Diagram of the Tree of Life

Here is a brief definition of each branch/sphere/Sephirah of the Tree. There are many wonderful books that delve into the deeper meanings of each sephirah and their relationships to each other via various pathways.

1 KETHER - 1092 Hz - The Crown. The root of the Tree, where Light formed by the Ain, Ain Soph and the Ain Soph Aur first becomes manifest. It represents the spirit of God and Divine Will. /p>

2 CHOKMAH - 430 Hz - Wisdom. Wisdom that comes with revelation and flashes of inspiration. Father who seeds the manifestation of God's being.

3 BINAH - 187 Hz - Understanding. The movement of Divine Light into the world of creation. Mother who conceives the manifestation of God's being.

4 CHESED - 982 Hz - Mercy/Love/Abundance. Divine Will begins to take form and manifests itself in God's desire to share Infinite Love.

5 GEBURAH - 298 Hz - Severity/Justice/Judgement. The desire to receive judgement and the natural consequences of all actions. Counter balances Chesed so that Divine Light and Love will not be overwhelming.

6 TIPHARETH - 757 Hz - Beauty. Resting in the center of the Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the heart of the Tree and holds it together by creating harmony and balance. It is the beauty and Light of the Divine descending into humanity, and also the beauty and light of humanity rising to reunite with God.

7 NETZACH - 644 Hz - Victory/Eternity. Formless, uninhibited emotions. The lasting endurance or victory of God. The compassionate rule of God. Inspires human beings to look beyond the moment and change the world.

8 HOD - 870 Hz - Glory/Reverberation/Splendor. Unemotional thought and pure intellectual ideas. The thinking processes that channel Divine inspiration into prophecy. Mastering the mind. Counterbalances Netzach so that emotions do not become rampant. Checks the tendency to create and act for the sake of self.

9 YESOD - 320 Hz - The Foundation. Foundation of the skeleton of Matter-to-Be (skeleton being the upper eight sephirah). The basis on which the structure of All Life is built. Supplies the energy to create matter in Malkuth.

10 MALKUTH - 532 Hz - The Kingdom. Materialization manifested. Where the Lightning Flash grounds into Earth. Where Light and Love become Matter. Where all Matter (including the Earth and humanity) exists. Everything is interrelated and interdependent within the framework of the Four Elements of Life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. It is the union of a man and woman at conception that bring the Soul's existence into Malkuth. The only sephirah that receives and absorbs all its powers solely and constantly from the nine sephirah above.

DA'ATH - 1554 Hz - Knowledge/Void/Abyss/Voice of Shekinah. The secret, invisible "non-sephirah", often called the Void and the Abyss. It lies in the center of a 6-pointed star between Keter-Tiphereth, Chokmah-Binah, and Chesed-Geburah. It is the coming together of Divine Knowledge from the Wisdom and Understanding of Chokmah and Binah, the Light and Beauty of Keter and Tiphareth, and the Love and Accountability of Chesed and Geburah. Da'ath, previously invisible and mysterious, is now revealing itself for the first time. It is the center of the Star of David that makes up Sephirah 1-6. Here lies the key to unlock the mysteries of the Kabbalah.

LIGHTNING FLASH - 531 Hz - Vertical downward pathway of all manifested Life, including the Cosmos and everything that is made up of. It is also the vertical upward rising to reunite with Everything.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a map of the soul/human journey and experience toward enlightened consciousness. It is a picture of how Nothing becomes Everything, which ultimately becomes physical matter; and vice versa, how physical matter ultimately becomes Everything which then becomes Nothing.

In all of time... in the past, present and future... we are somewhere in the Tree, experiencing a moment, then moving to another moment in time to another place in the Tree. It is a personal journey, and yet also a universal journey. It is the journey to understand ourselves, our relationships, our planet and the cosmos in relation to the Creator of the All-That-Is.

It is a physical representation of the step-down process through each Sephirah where a differentiated Spectrum appears. The stepdown of visible color begins with KETHER. And so the Tree of Life is formed.

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