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Mogelijk ook bekend als beelzebub of beelzebub's tales neologisms.

Gurdjieff once said: “All the keys are in Beelzebub, but they are not near their locks.” I don’t know whether this Paper will open any locks for you, but I hope to point out a few of the Keys.

One of the first attempts to classify the Neologisms in Beelzebub's Tales was done by Nicholas Tereshchenko in his pamphlet The Hapax Legomena in Russian. There he provides three lists of Neologisms used in Beelzebub's Tales -

1. 490 “Universal” Neologisms

2. 7 Martian Neologisms

3. 14 Saturnian Neologisms

I have called the list of 490 “Universal” because many of the Neologisms, although not all, appear to be part of a common language of Objective Science used by Beelzebub and the other beings he associates with. In addition to the Martian and Saturnian Neologisms, we could subdivide Tereshchenko's list of 490 “Universal” Neologisms by creating separate classifications for Neologisms that were used exclusively in various places on earth such as Atlantis, China, India, etc. One could further classify groups Neologisms by the commonality of certain word roots used in them. I have not compiled a comprehensive list of classifications, but I will offer a few examples. It should be noted here that due to differences in the various translations and editions of Beelzebub’s Tales, not all of these words have the same spelling nor can they be found in all editions.

The first figure shows the Martian and Saturnian Words from Tereshchenko's pamphlet The Hapax Legomena in Russian. The Russian spelling and pronunciation is given.

Notice the similarities in the construction of the words. In the Martian there are a lot of  “oof”’s and “foo”’s and in the Saturnian t here are a lot of  “h”’s and “r”’s.

Source: Neologisms in Beelzebub's Tales.

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