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That whom/which/what we call 'God' …

The universe represents the physical body of a supreme being
In which we dwell - asleep? — from morning till evening
And over the years it has been given many, many names
Various prophets wrote down their own visions and claims
However — whatever & whoever you conceive your god to be
You're living in it, as a cell — yes, you! —  as well as me.

You see: this body continually grows — 'evolution' we can call it
Our consciousness grows too — within it - bit by bit
It started before the caveman arrived — and, where we are today
Is merely the beginning of a dream dreamt yesterday.

Examine your body: it has many cells — living wriggling things
Each having individual consciousness — giving them quivering wings
As ants & bees they work collectively, being part of a larger whole
The human body: the majestic vehicle of your strolling soul?

Every second — new cells are born in all living bodies on planet earth
They have a task to fulfill — dictated by nature: long before their birth
For the same reasons we too are here — I think — no: I know!
And when we're ready — our souls will also have to go.

In our bodies cells constantly live, work and die
At the same time — instantly — others multiply
Listen! Each new cell receives the exact and latest information
From the one deceased — continuing its work within that divine nation.

Like every tree, fish, rock, cloud, star or atom
You're part of much larger body — still sounding lonesome?
So, don't revolt within that energetic field in which you dwell
You really don't want to be called ‘cancer cell'.

So, may every thought within your head
Concentrate towards the things you've just read
And, instead of secluding ourselves in groups & sects
(pointing menacing fingers to various human intellects)
Let's free ourselves from dogmas, lies & yokes
To become one with nature, with God, one with all folks.

This is my wish for 1989
And, if this message opened your inner eye
Simply treat it as a small divine sign
Because the body in which we live — is yours, theirs, as well as mine.

(Bonnyrigg - december 1988)



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