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Next DIMschool's online meeting on Thursday evening December 1st!

Try to be there!…
door Tsenne Kikke - donderdag 2 juni 2022 17:58

DIMschool, short for 'School for the Development of the Inner Man', is mainly aimed at people, who cherish within themselves the desire to fathom the 'mystery' of their own inner being, through which their Inner Self; that 'something', which is separate from the temporary, material and therefore impermanent body, can be developed. This 'desire' can perhaps be better understood by adding 'answering an inner calling'.

Many are called, however only a few are chosen. But, it is a fact that even those 'who are called' do not 'choose' themselves for it. Reasons are manifold, such as: pure laziness, lack of energy, suffering from the mañana disease that causes one to postpone things, innertia, negative self-image, self-destructive thoughts, and so on, and so forth

When? Thursday evening 1/12/2022.
Time: from 20h to 22h.
Your contribution: only 25 € (normally: 50 €).
Registration: click on this link.

What topics will be covered?

- What does it mean: "A healthy mind in a healthy body"?
- What is the difference between spirit, soul, true self, the Self?
- What exactly is meant by: "Awaken!" - "Wake up!" - "Sleep!"?
- Why can't humans 'do'?
- What is the difference between evolution and involution?
- How many levels of consciousness are there?
- What can you accomplish with these Self-knowledge teachings?
- And so on... (depending on the questions asked).

Questions? Link not working? Send a message via 'Berichten' at the top.

Until 27/10/2020.. !???


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School voor ontwikkeling van De Innerlijke Mens

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