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Sending Faxes to God Inc. - by John L. Payne

Gloria goes on to explain to Bob that every request he sends out in thought is received as a fax by God Inc and implemented. She explains that Bob would send faxes saying something like "I want a new challenging career, which is well paid, where I am independent and self reliant" and the order is approved immediately by God Inc. Bob then goes for an interview and on his way out he sends another fax saying "I'm not sure I'm good enough for this job, they seem to be wanting to ask a lot of me."

Gloria then explains that this fax, like thefirst one, is approved and implemented, hence Bob does not get the job, and Bob in return is angry.

Gloria takes Bob by the hand and takes him to the office archive where he can see every fax he has ever sent to God Inc. He is stunned, so many contradictory orders concerning health, money, career, relationships, everything! For each subject there are two piles "orders" and "cancelled orders".

Bob was amazed to see that the 'orders' and 'cancelled orders' piles were equal in many cases, and in most cases, 'cancelled orders' exceeded 'orders'.

"But the truth is Bob" Gloria says to him "there are only orders. It is God Inc's responsibility to fulfill your every wish and whim, we are duty bound to obey your every command. So, when you send us a fax saying: "I'm not sure I can do this", we have to honour it and fulfill that order through your life's circumstances."

Bob looks at Gloria with wide eyes and says "So I really did get everything I wanted?"

"Yes Bob," replied Gloria "every fax sent to us is honoured fully and it's a pity that you rarely read the faxes we sent you."

"You sent me faxes? When? How often?" Bob replies in disbelief.

"Yes Bob," Gloria replies with a gentle smile on her face "almost every day, but most of the time we simply got the busy signal, so we simply couldn't get through to you. At times we would get creative and send a fax to a close friend who would read it you, but you never really listened or took note. Over the millennia, we've become very creative, we send faxes via friends, psychics, even hidden faxes through TV, Radio and many, many books, but you missed so many of them. A few times, when the line wasn't busy, we did get through and you would read the fax with great interest, forget it, and then send us another fax asking for the same information. We would then re-send it, you would read it again, ignore it, forget it, dismiss it, whatever, and then re-fax us for the same information over and over again."

"Didn't you get tired with me?" asked Bob.

"No Bob, never," replied Gloria "that is our job, we only noticed just how tired you were making yourself. So, dear Bob, I would like you to try again. Go back to Earth, upgrade your fax receiving equipment, pay attention to what you receive, and try to send us fewer, much clearer faxes in future. We are only here to help you, Bob."

John L Payne is an internationally known metaphysical teacher, trance channel, therapist and author of the Findhorn Press book "Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation". Visit his website at



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